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Writers In Demand

Huge demand continues to grow. Writers wanted to write short sentences and paragraphs. Great rates of pay. Paid quickly in 48 hours or less. Unlimited assignments. Pick and choose.

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Publishers Hungry

Publishers are desperate for writers who can write short sentences and paragraphs in this new style. They simply cannot get enough manuscripts and need writers to meet the demand.

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Reverse Roles

Publishers used to be like gods. They could make or break a writer. No more. “In the know” writers now have the power and can get 7 to 10 times more pay for the same work.

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Write Short Sentences for Decent Pay.

 Part-Time – From Home.

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The Power of My “Pen” Allows Me to Live
a Stress-Free, “Jobless” Life…
Wanting for Nothing!

It has been said that…”the ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of the martyr.” Also that… “the pen is mightier than the sword.

“My “Pen” or rather, my penmanship, (since I rarely use a pen or pencil these days), has proven its power. It has changed my life.   It is also changing the lives of many who will pay attention! Yes, at last, it is possible for average writers to write and live well.

By using very basic, simple word-smithing skills… I am able to live a stress-free, “jobless” life… wanting for nothing. New-Style Writing™ offers anyone who can speak English a fresh start – a new career opportunity.

But, as simple as this sounds (and it is) it’s still not for everyone. Some folks just won’t sit down for an hour or so and write.

Fast Start

This is the easiest writing you’ll ever be paid to do. You don’t have to write novels and books that take months or years. These assignments take a few hours to complete.

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No Risk Career Change

Most New-Style writers start writing in their spare time and soon find themselves earning more from writing short sentences than from their regular jobs. A little bit of dedication easily turns part-time writing into a full time income.

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Unlimited Assignments

Never be short of work. Get as much as you want. Pick and choose only what pleases you. Everyday more “new style” publishers are emerging, looking for “new style” writers.

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